Recognise the Impact of High Triglycerides on Diabetics

You may have heard of the term high triglyceride levels, or maybe you have even experienced this condition yourself. Triglycerides in the blood can have high levels but not cause any symptoms. However, this condition can suddenly get out of control, so the impact can be dangerous for health. In worse conditions, high triglyceride levels can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Even though triglyceride levels in the blood are at a high level, it is actually quite easy to control these levels. The only way to do this is by adjusting your lifestyle and changing your diet to a better type of food for consumption. GET SMART BLOOD SUGAR. In addition, changes in daily lifestyle can also be a solution to reducing rising triglyceride levels.

Meanwhile, to increase your alertness to rising triglyceride levels in the blood, In the following, we will find out what the effects of rising triglycerides are on the body.Impact of High Triglycerides on Diabetics. There are several dangers that can arise from rising triglyceride levels in the blood. This needs to be something that you are well aware of.


Want to know what the effects of rising triglycerides are on the body?

Check it out below.

• Triglycerides for Blood Sugar

Experiencing a high increase in triglycerides in the blood can be an early symptom of the body’s resistance to insulin. Conditions like this certainly lead people with diabetes to have more severe conditions. This condition means that your body is no longer using insulin or blood sugar-control hormones to the fullest. When insulin cannot function properly, the glucose obtained from the food you eat will be distributed throughout the body. This condition can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels in drastic situations. This is also what can trigger dangerous pre-diabetes conditions before turning into type 2 diabetes.

• Triglycerides for Liver

Apart from the influence on the risk of diabetes, the condition of elevated triglycerides can also be an indication that there is fatty liver disease or a fatty liver. This condition can occur as a result of the habit of consuming food that is not properly maintained. Fat storage that occurs continuously can possibly make a lot of fat in the bloodstream. This condition also triggers the emergence of increased triglycerides in the blood.

• Triglycerides in the Pancreas

If the triglyceride level in the blood is high, which is around 500 mg/dl, it is possible that this condition will make the sufferer experience inflammation of the pancreas. Inflammation that occurs in the pancreas is also called pancreatitis, and this condition can cause permanent tissue damage.

Meanwhile, the symptoms of this condition usually include pain in the stomach area.Improve your health by getting smart blood sugar.Those are some of the harmful effects of high triglycerides in the body. Meanwhile, to overcome this condition, you only need to change your diet and adjust it to what you eat. In addition, get plenty of exercise and do body movements regularly. Never delay making lifestyle changes for a better pattern. Whether you deny it or not, this will be very beneficial for your health. In addition, a healthy lifestyle that is carried out will certainly make your life longer because your body is free from all diseases that attack it.

Healthy Diet for Diabetics and High Blood Pressure

Having a healthy and fit body is certainly a dream for anyone. Imagine, through a healthy body, you will be able to carry out activities and routines more easily and more cheerfully. In addition, a healthy body also makes one’s level of productivity well maintained. It is different from what is found in sick people where their bodies will generally look weak and helpless. Let alone being able to maintain their productivity well, just moving and doing their activities they might be constrained.

As well as those who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension. These two diseases are often known as elderly diseases because generally these diseases are more common in older people. However, it does not mean that even those who are young are not susceptible to the threat of this disease.

For those who are attacked by diabetes and hypertension, a healthy lifestyle and diet are important things to always pay attention to. Because these two things basically can control their health wellTo find out tips and how to have a healthy diet for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.

To find out tips and how to have a healthy diet for people with diabetes and high blood pressure. So you don’t need to worry; here, we provide a few things for you. A healthy diet and living a better lifestyle are important things to always pay attention to.

To support your health condition so that you are always fit, here are tips on a healthy diet for people with diabetes and hypertension.

  1. Avoid excessively salty and sweet foods.These two foods will be an important step in dieting for those who suffer from diabetes and hypertension. Reducing daily salt consumption will be very beneficial to avoid high blood pressure, which can recur at any time. Meanwhile, reducing the consumption of sweet foods with high sugar levels will be beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels. As we know, sweet foods with a high sugar content are the main factor in rising blood sugar in diabetics. For that, pay close attention to these two nutrients.


2. Make Your Own Food

In order to live a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to consuming food that is good for the body, it seems that you will need to make your own food. Currently, it is very difficult to find food that is sold outside with the ingredients you need. Therefore, it would be better if you made your own food at home. This way, you will be able to adjust the ingredients used in the food.

Reducing salt and sugar intake is an important thing in the food you consume daily. So pay close attention to some of these things.

3. Exercise regularly

As with other food diets, exercise is something that cannot be separated from a healthy body. For diabetics, exercise is needed to burn excess sugar levels in the blood so that they can be processed into energy. Meanwhile, for people with hypertension, burning fat while exercising will reduce the risk of other dangerous diseases, such as heart disease. Therefore, it is very important for you to start exercising properly. In addition to making the body healthier, exercising will certainly make your body feel fitter. Therefore, do this movement at least three times a week for about 30 minutes once you exercise. Exercise will also be good for those of you who want to lose weight.


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