7 Myths and Facts About Diets for Diabetes


Diabetes is a health problem that is closely related to diet. This means that if we adopt an unhealthy diet, the risk of developing diabetes also increases. However, there are many myths related to diabetes that are not necessarily true. What are these myths? There are various myths and facts about diet related to diabetes. Health experts say the myths and facts related to diabetes do not necessarily correspond to health facts. It is for this reason that we have to really pay attention to it in order to prevent this health problem or complications due to diabetes. The following are various myths and facts:

  1. Frequently, eating sugar can trigger diabetes.

 Diabetes is widely known as a sugar disease. This is what makes many people consider the habit of consuming sugary and sweet foods or drinks a cause of diabetes. Indeed, sugar consumption can sometimes be linked to diabetes. This is because excessive consumption of sugar can trigger impaired insulin sensitivity, which then results in diabetes, but that doesn’t mean we have to avoid sugar. If we limit sugar intake to a maximum of 50 grammes a day, the risk of developing diabetes or other health problems can be prevented.

2. There are many eating rules for diabetes sufferers.

Many people think that diabetes sufferers have to comply with many rules to prevent increases in blood sugar levels or the risk of complications. This makes them confused about implementing the right diet. In fact, according to health experts, the diet for diabetes sufferers is actually very simple. Diabetics only need to arrange portions and food choices appropriately so they don’t consume too many calories or sugar and don’t easily experience spikes in blood sugar levels.

3. Carbohydrates are dangerous for diabetes sufferers.

Many diabetics are afraid of carbohydrates. They even completely avoid carbohydrates. In fact, carbohydrates are still needed by diabetes sufferers to maintain blood sugar levels and provide energy sources. Instead of avoiding carbohydrate foods, diabetes sufferers are advised to continue consuming them even though portions must be limited in order to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

4. Diabetes medication can make sufferers eat any food.

Using diabetes medication and insulin injections is often considered an advantage for diabetes sufferers because it can make them eat any food. Unfortunately, this myth is not true. Health experts say that medication and insulin injections can indeed help control blood sugar levels, but they still have to adopt a healthy diet so they won’t easily get complications.

5. Desserts should be avoided by diabetics.

Diabetics usually choose not to eat desserts such as ice cream, sweet cakes, biscuits, raisins, etc. Indeed, for those who already have very high blood sugar levels, consumption of this dessert should be avoided, but most diabetes sufferers can still consume it as long as the portions are limited or they are shared with other people.

6. Artificial sweeteners can be dangerous for diabetes sufferers.

Artificial sweeteners tend to be sweeter than sugar. This means that diabetes sufferers should not consume it carelessly. They should consult a doctor to determine whether they are still allowed to consume artificial sweeteners or not. If this is not allowed, you should follow the doctor’s recommendations.

7. Diabetics should eat catered food.

Many diabetes sufferers choose to eat catered food or food provided specifically for them. In fact, as long as they are more careful when choosing menus and food portions, their diabetes condition can be controlled.

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